5 Week Pregnancy Symptoms Management

The first signs of pregnancy are 5 week pregnancy symptoms for many expectant mothers. The fetus undergoes tremendous changes during the fifth week. Thus, it is important to be patient, focused and careful in following the prescribed medical guidelines for a safe and healthy pregnancy in the early weeks of pregnancy.

While you may have been dreaming of bearing a child from an early age, your initial joy may be dampened because the symptoms are generally difficult to deal with. You may even experience twice the discomfort if it is your first pregnancy. As early as pregnancy week 4, you may start to experience more pronounced signs of pregnancy.

However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to make the weekly pregnancy symptoms more bearable – financially, emotionally and physically. Instead of regarding it as a struggle, you can actually become more disciplined in taking care of yourself and your unborn child.

As soon as you realize you are pregnant, you should start to monitor pregnancy symptoms by week against a medical chart of what to expect at each stage of pregnancy. Here are several suggestions that you can adhere to so as to minimize the effects of pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks and enjoy the thought of giving birth to a new baby.

Physicians recommend taking natural supplements during pregnancy. You need to take at least 400mg of folic acid every day. If, however, you are expecting twins or multiple births, this prescription will be increased depending on your body’s needs.

In this way, you and your unborn child will receive the amount of vitamins that are required. The right nutrients will boost your immune system as the pregnancy progresses to the advanced stages while making it easier to deal with pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks.

Even if you are already on a healthy diet, you need to refine it further to suit the particular needs of your pregnancy. It is essential to include certain foods that improve not only your nutritional intake, but also that of the little fetus you are carrying. By week 5 of pregnancy, your baby will be using more of your body’s nutrients, and you will need to stock up to ensure both you and baby are healthy.

Particular food types must also fall into the “food to avoid during pregnancy list” such as those with high mercury content like shark or swordfish. Raw foods like sushi and eggs, dairy products like cheese and milk, as well as deli meats, should also be avoided altogether to be safe from harmful bacteria.

Stay away from cats and their waste throughout your pregnancy no matter how much you adore them. Cat feces carry toxoplasmosis, which acts as the host for parasites that can cause infection to the fetus and may cause birth defects.

Stay hydrated at all times especially if you have morning sickness and also to avoid dehydration, which may lead to preterm labor or worse, miscarriage. Regular amounts of liquid intake must be maintained to replace lost fluids through sweating or vomiting.

Get enough sleep. Pregnant women need to be able to rest well and get enough sleep. Do not work too hard and always get some rest when you feel tired. This is important because stressing yourself out can adversely affect your pregnancy.

Do not wait until you have pregnancy symptoms to change your diet and other lifestyle habits. Even if you are experiencing no pregnancy symptoms, your body is still working over time to nourish and protect your baby. Monitor your week by week pregnancy symptoms and contact your doctor if your symptoms appear to be out of the range of what is reported to be normal. Among the normal 5 week pregnancy symptoms, cramping should be monitored. Mild cramping is normal but severe cramping could be a sign that something is wrong.

In conclusion, an expecting mother must exercise due diligence in her food intake, activities and general lifestyle. Understanding the 5 week pregnancy symptoms fully is a good start so that your pregnancy will be safer and healthier for you and your baby.

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