Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test: Understand Why

Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test

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Women sometimes have some pregnancy symptoms but negative test results. Why is this happening? What could have caused the symptoms to occur?
There are plenty of signs that you may be about to expect a baby, but the reality is that you may only experience one or two of these.

However, you have to be on the look-out for additional pregnancy symptoms because subtle they are, being prepared right from the beginning is important.

Why? Because you will have to be more careful with your diet and daily activities to protect your child, and yourself, as carrying another human being is not something to be taken for granted. The best precaution is to be aware of all pregnancy symptoms to make an early diagnosis.

After all, you have to adjust your general lifestyle and be proactive in securing the safety of your unborn child.

  • One of the earliest symptoms of child bearing is a missed period. This should be regarded as a red flag, so if you have a regular menstruation cycle, consider it very serious when your period has not yet arrived as expected. On the other hand, period symptoms can be mistaken for pregnancy symptoms.
  • Even if it seems insignificant, urinating more often than usual is also something that you should watch out. If you go to the restroom more than you regularly do as you sleep at night, take note.

  • This is actually a good indicator that you may be pregnant. Once again, early pregnancy signs when negative test results are not a guarantee that you have not conceived. Thus, be on the watch for other signs in the coming days.
  • Another subtle indicator is when your breast starts to get tender for no other apparent reason. This sign is typically experienced after about 4 weeks from conception.
  • Not long after conceiving, there are some women who may get sick in the mornings, a common pregnancy symptom. But the queasy feeling is not just confined to early mornings; it can be experienced during any time of the day so be careful not to take it as just another case of upset stomach.
  • You may also have unexplainable cravings for specific dishes or types of food that you normally do not like. This is common in most women during the early months of their pregnancy.

But what if some of these symptoms are evident, but your pregnancy kit gives you negative results?

What are you going to do and how are you going to deal with signs of pregnancy but negative test results?

What if period a week late but negative pregnancy test?

Visit a doctor to ask for a consultation on how you should proceed. Or you can also go to the nearest medical center, request a blood test or urine sample so that they can send it to the laboratory and provide more definitive results, afterwards.

No pregnancy symptoms could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy symptoms. The type of pregnancy test you take should also be considered. Having pregnancy symptoms but negative home pregnancy test results are more common with at home tests than with tests taken by medical professionals.

Bearing a child may have you sweating especially when you have pregnancy symptoms but negative test tests, but when the fact is finally confirmed, the anticipation of turning into a new mother turns into joy.

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