Symptoms of Pregnancy at 3 Weeks: Overview

Symptoms of pregnancy at 3 weeks

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For the expectant mom, experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy at 3 weeks can be an exciting time. For others however, it can be a scary and challenging phase in their life especially for first time expectant mothers who do not have the slightest idea of what to expect.

There are plenty of changes that can happen in a woman’s body when she is with child and even after giving birth. Some women are more in tune with their bodies and they immediately feel the various changes that are happening from within.

But sometimes, the changes are very difficult to ignore because at 3 weeks, the body is already undergoing some considerable developments. It is also at this time that a pregnancy test is going to provide a more accurate result. So until this point, you have to listen to your body closely and determine if what you are experiencing are really pregnancy symptoms.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of pregnancy at 3 weeks can help expectant parents in achieving some peace of mind because they will find it easier to understand that what the woman is going through is normal.

Here are some of the most common indicators that you are pregnant in the first month:

  • Fatigue and nausea.
    These symptoms always go together during the first trimester of pregnancy. Women who are conceiving will notice an increase in frequency of morning sickness and they get tired more often, especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

    They may feel as if they have not fully rested even after a good night’s sleep. At the same time, vomiting and a peculiar aversion to some types of food may occur mostly during mornings although getting nauseous is not limited to just the early hours of the day. In fact, it can actually occur any time of the day.

  • Tender breasts and cramping during pregnancy.
    As early as 3 weeks into the pregnancy, the surrounding tissues of both breasts can become tender and the areola can start to become darker.

    Considered to be one of the normal symptoms of pregnancy 3 weeks on, cramping may be misunderstood as menstrual cramps because the third week usually marks as the week for most women’s menstrual cycle.

    It is therefore ideal to keep a tab of your monthly period so as to properly monitor it even if you are not yet expecting a baby.

  • Spotting and frequent urination.
    As the fertilized egg gets implanted into the uterus, you may experience some bleeding that is similar to your regular period, but slower. This is called spotting.
  • Frequent urination, on the other hand, is brought about by the changes in the uterus as it begins to expand, putting pressure in the bladder so this is why you often feel like urinating most of the time.

If you monitor your symptoms of pregnancy by week, you have a good chance of identifying any problems early. You will start to notice more pronounced pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks. Importantly, noting signs of pregnancy by the week prepares you mentally and emotionally, and thus you will be less stressed and concerned when they arrive.

Do not be worried though as these symptoms of pregnancy at 3 weeks may eventually subside in the coming weeks.

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