Pregnancy Symptoms But Not Pregnant: False Alarm

Pregnancy Symptoms but not pregnant

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Many false alarms can produce pregnancy symptoms but not pregnant results. A lot of women experience pregnancy like symptoms and get their hopes up early, only to be disappointed in the end.

Many couples wish to have a child of their own, and even with unplanned pregnancies, the initial “pregnancy scare” can turn to anticipation. When you find out that you’re not even pregnant, this can cause some disappointment and this is the last thing you want to happen.

The symptoms of pregnancy are well known to many, and this is why it’s easy to conclude that the pregnancy exists, even if it does not. With these early symptoms of pregnancy, you can easily conclude that you might be pregnant even if you have not yet missed your period. Even missing your period is not a foolproof sign of pregnancy.

Many women feel pregnancy symptoms but not pregnant, and there are actually many reasons why this happens. Even the most common sign that a woman is pregnant, which is a late period, can mean other things.

A woman who has a regular menstrual period expects her menstruation to arrive promptly every month so when it arrives late, it is often considered one of the first pregnancy symptoms.

However, it could also mean that the period is just late in arriving for one reason or another, and this is also common. A late period could be caused by stress, hormonal imbalances, as well as the in-take of certain medications and it’s an occurrence that’s not limited to just being pregnant.

Other symptoms include abdominal pregnancy cramps and nausea. These are considered signs of pregnancy but they can also be indicators of other things such as an illness. A vaginal discharge is another sign, but this is such a normal occurrence for women that it’s not really definitive.

Some vaginal discharges can even point to infections and STDs. Another symptom that pregnant women look at is morning sickness; and of course, the vomiting can be caused by a myriad of other reasons as well. So it is important to take note of when pregnancy symptoms, real or imagined, happen.

False Versus Real Pregnancy Symptoms

The fact is that the symptoms of pregnancy can also point to other conditions, which may not be exclusive to pregnant women. Relying solely on these symptoms is never recommended because doing so will only lead to false hopes and disappointments. You should also consider signs that you are not pregnant. Having your period is the most obvious of the not pregnant signs.

When a woman suspects that she is pregnant because she has noticed any of these telltale symptoms, either before or after a missed period, she should immediately purchase a home pregnancy kit. Buying two or three kits and testing on all of them is even better. Having all signs of pregnancy but not pregnant results is more likely to happen with a home test.

If the tests come out positive, you should then go to you doctor to confirm it through an ultrasound. This is the most reliable way to confirm pregnancy, and it’s a lot better than relying on pregnancy symptoms but not pregnant results, which can only dishearten you.

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    I understand all of that but how do you explain body changes?
    experiencing firm and sore breasts, abdominal pains, regular urinary, swollen feet and etc, but later on you do all tests and still not pregnant?

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