Early Signs of Pregnancy Discharge: Overview

Early Signs of pregnancy discharge

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Most women experience the early signs of pregnancy discharge, and for them, these are the surefire signs that they are pregnant. A discharge is common among pregnant women, so when experienced a woman could think she’s pregnant simply based on these symptoms, especially if she and her partner have been trying to conceive.

For instance, if a woman suffers from an unexplainable case of morning sickness, she can interpret this as a sign of being pregnant. Missing one’s period is also a very common symptom, although there are so many other reasons for a period to be missed.

Other symptoms include being increasingly irritable, emotional and even feeling sleepy all the time. Craving for certain food items can also make people suspect pregnancy. These are just some of the symptoms that women can look at as a sign of pregnancy, but another telltale sign would be vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is normal for women, although not everyone encounters it regularly. If you have vaginal discharge that’s heavier and more frequent than normal, then this can be an early sign of pregnancy. Among the early symptoms of this period brown discharge and spotting can occur while white discharge is the most common.

The early signs of pregnancy discharge in this case will be characterized by a vaginal discharge that’s milky white or pale yellow in color. For some women, the discharge will look pinkish brown, and this can be because of some leftover blood from the previous menstrual period.

This should not be a cause for concern. You just have to make sure that the vaginal discharge is odorless and not accompanied by itching or burning, because, it could be a sign of an infection or even an STD.

Why you should not completely trust discharge as one of the earliest signs of pregnant women?

While these signs can be seen as symptoms of pregnancy, women should not keep their hopes up if they base it solely on them. The reason is that, while these signs are common to pregnant women, they can actually occur for entirely different reasons.

Vaginal discharge could be caused by other conditions such as an infection, so it is not a 100% guarantee that you’re with child. The best thing to do, therefore, is to get a home pregnancy kit and see if the results turn out positive.

Remember that even a home pregnancy kit is not always reliable (more information available at pregnancy signs but negative test article). There have been many cases of home pregnancy kits test positive, but they have turned out to be a false alarm.

There have also been instances when a woman tested positive on a urine test, but it was a case of a chemical pregnancy. Many ailments are mistaken for beginning symptoms of pregnancy, especially when a couple is really trying and hopeful of making a baby.

The only sure way to confirm that you’re pregnant is to see your obstetrician who will examine you and request an ultrasound. With an ultrasound, you can fully confirm that the pregnancy is real instead of relying on the early signs of pregnancy discharge.

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