Announcement: Cramps during early pregnancy : Explanation

Many women have cramps during early pregnancy and even in the late trimesters. This article explains the causes and reasons for cramps in pregnancy.

Cramping during early pregnancy

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The early days of pregnancy are crucial and important for women. The expectant mother is excited but at the same time concerned about the changes taking place in her body.

While the body is adjusting to these new changes, there is always a chance of miscarriage at the very initial stages, which is why the first few weeks and even months are important for pregnancy. Early pregnancy cramping happens to most women.

Anything that causes concern or stress in a pregnant woman should be taken seriously and a solution or suitable treatments be considered to help her to feel better.

The most common problem that females experience during pregnancy or even in the late trimesters is cramps. Although in most of the cases it’s not something alarming or concerning, you should know why the cramping during pregnancy is occurring.

Most of the times when females complain about cramps in early pregnancy and the unusual aching of the body wall, it’s because the uterus is becoming enlarged to accommodate the growing baby. Mild cramping during pregnancy is part of the natural process of the body making accommodations for the baby.

Early pregnancy cramping may also be a cause of the implantation process that occurs right after fertilization. When the embryo embeds itself within the lining walls of the uterus, the ligaments tend to stretch out and there could be an occurrence of a sharp pain across the wall of the abdomen.

This cramping is normal and nothing to worry about. If the discomfort is not severe and there is no bleeding, you are okay. Spotting during pregnancy period may also be caused by this process. Heavier bleeding during pregnancy, however, is cause for concern.

Some other major reasons behind cramps during early pregnancy could be the intake of the wrong kinds of foods, which can develop tension and gas within your digestive system, or a problem with muscle changes. You can find a full list of such foods in our early pregnancy cramps prevention guide.

Usually during pregnancy, women like to eat whatever they are craving and they just cannot resist certain foods whether it’s healthy for them or not. Eating the right and balanced amount of food is extremely important since it creates less issues with the assimilation of food.

Hormonal changes might also cause pregnancy cramps because they slow down the blood flow through the organs.

Higher levels of progesterone make the digestion process lethargic causing constipation and several associated symptoms, which is why having a proper balanced diet is beneficial and can lower the incidence of stomach cramps.

Drinking water and consuming herbal supplements can bring you positive relief.

Hope this guide helps you to understand the causes of stomach cramps during early pregnancy.

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